Date Dances


Date Dance corsage and boutonniereWhether “SHE” asked “HIM” or “HE” asked “HER” the chance to go do a dance with a special DATE makes for lasting memories for youth?

Not all date dances are a “PROM” event, they can be dressy or casual, many times involving a theme. What matters is that the couple on the date have a fantastic experience, and the perfect atmosphere is created at the dance.

The Perfect Music Mix

We’ll work with your dance committee to help them execute the perfect evening. By blending the perfect mix of music, a proper balance between fast and slow songs, we’ll make the kids’ dance experience memorable. Date dances can involve more interaction than a formal event with line dances, activities, and giveaways.

Running The Show

Many times date or themed dances involve more activities than just dancing. We’ll gladly make all announcements, as well as helping with Master of Ceremony (MC) duties in presenting those contestants that are in the running for dance royalty, starting or holding contests for couples, whatever your committee needs to bring to life, we can help make it a reality