Formal Dances

Formal Dances

PromWhat teenager doesn’t look forward to attending PROM, and what adult doesn’t look back with fond memories to the PROM they attended?

While not all formal dances are a “PROM” event, they all involve making sure that the youth that have taken the time to ask someone to the dance have an amazing and memorable experience.


The Perfect Music Mix

We’ll work with your formal dance committee to help them execute the perfect evening. By blending the perfect mix of music, a proper balance between fast and slow songs, we’ll make the kids’ dance experience memorable.

Running The Show

Formal dances involve more activities than just dancing. We’ll gladly make all announcements, as well as helping with Master of Ceremony (MC) duties in presenting those contestants that are in the running for dance royalty.

When the time is right, we’ll use those MC skills to bring the royalty question to a dramatic climax, presenting the Dance Royalty for the evening, and having a spotlight dance, and make arrangements for Royalty Pictures to commemorate the special evening.